Need Help on Chandelier Importing from China?

Tikanna has over 16 years of expertise on producing chandeliers.

Tikanna recommend you professional chandeliers.

Tikanna knows very well in chandelier trends through investigating from market.

Tikanna has a good relationship on reliable suppliers for parts and techniques.

Tikanna ensure your chandelier transported safety to your place.


Glass Chandeliers from Tikanna

Crystal chandeliers are the most common and famous types of chandeliers. It is easy to dress up home with one of stunning glass chandeliers. Bring light to the space with these beautiful chandeliers. We have an extensive collection of Glass Chandeliers that boasts of elegant design and futuristic look for the traditional style. Also, has wide selection of glass chandeliers in a variety of colors, materials and styles to fit  home environment. You can buy a wide unique selection of lights at the best prices.



Country Style Pendant Chandeliers from Tikanna

You can get the best deal of pendant chandeliers for home decor and room decor business from us. Find your ideal pendant chandelier, with great design, sizes, materials, styles etc you want to. You can certainly buy a satisfactory countryside pendant chandelier from us. Whether it is home, hotel, office or other places need to be decorated.

Modern Chandeliers from Tikanna

Need a modern chandelier for living room,dining room or entryway?There are so many choices,most of them are made by iron and stainless steel.We meet quality standards and certifications for CE,UL,Rohs,SAA etc.Finding the right modern chandeliers can brighten up space or add a cozy ambiance for home.

Drum Chandeliers from Tikanna

Enjoy the on-trend look of an indoor hanging light fixture wrapped in the perfect drum shade to fit your style. From mini drum chandeliers, that are ideal for entryways and foyers, to large industrial-style drum chandeliers that are perfect for your dining room or bedroom.

Island Chandeliers from Tikanna

We are a guaranteed affordable prices kitchen island lighting manufacturer and supplier for quality products. With a wide selection of island chandeliers such as styles, rustic woods & modern styles, variable sizes and materials you could choose the right one for you. Whether it is home, hotel, office or other places need to be decorated, we can always satisfy your needs.

Mini Dining Chandeliers from Tikanna

We have a large scale of dining room pendant lamps,made of glass,iron,stainless steel,fabric etc.And from 1 light,2 lights to 3 rectangular lights and round lights also.These are for large sale products,you can adjust the height by yourselves by cables,and easy to have a new shape by your DIY.


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